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The Holy Week in Seville is one of the most important cultural celebrations in the Spanish national calendar. Thousands of people enjoy every year this festivity, which attracts both national and international tourists. Andalusia is very well known around the world for its cultural quality and the Holy Week is lived with a lot of passion and, in this case, Seville is one of the most visited and recognized cities of the region.

Sevillians are passionate about this festivity and enjoy the week in a traditional way, making the most of it since several weeks before its beginning. However, for national or international tourists, or people that has just began to love this celebration, it can be difficult to make the most of it in such a big city. For this reason, there are some advises that will help visitors to enjoy Holly Week to the fullest in a more efficient way.


If you want to visit Seville in the Holy week, you need to know first what is a brotherhood. In Seville, each brotherhood belongs to a particular church and each of them has their own processions. Each procession is different from the rest because they represent different historical moments concerning the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.

In this case, as there is such variety of brotherhoods, the first thing we recommend visitors to do is a little study about those brotherhoods that have caught more their attention, either for the beauty of its processions, for the moment of the life of Christ that they represent or even for the melodies played by their bands. This will let visitors do a selection of those processions they would like to see surely, because trying to see all of them would be a waste of time. There are a lot of processions and that would mean spending little time in seeing the ones that we like most and not enjoying them at all.

It is important for the tourist as well, and this is an advice for the most passionate ones, to do research to know if there are particular places where it is worth seeing the processions they like most. You will wonder why, and the answer is that there are particular places, which are historically relevant for each brotherhood, where float bearers make the most of their procession. They make it “dance” by rocking it to the rhythm of the music and this moment is very special and makes hair bristle.


This is the second step. Once we know which processions we want to see, it is important to plan the stay well. First of all, we need to know the route that the procession is going to follow and its schedule, because Seville is a big city and, although it can be easy for Sevillians, it is not for tourists. It is easy to overwhelm because of the big amount of people in the streets.

This is why we give visitors this advice. Memorizing some routes and avoiding the crowds of people in the accesses to the places we want to go, will make very much easier and comfortable our visit and we will be able to enjoy the processions to the fullest.

Having in mind the previously said, the last thing visitors have to do is to live the experience with the respect that this ancient tradition deserves and enjoy of this exciting festivity.


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