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The Triana neighborhood in Seville, we could say that it is that place that most people have in mind before coming to visit the city. It is a place full of art and color that perfectly reflects the essence of the culture and traditions of Seville.

It is located on one side of the Guadalquivir River and if we want to visit it, we have to start the tour at the Triana bridge, which is the main access, especially if we go by walking. Although it is less important area in terms of monuments, we can say without a doubt that Triana does not need them to be one of the most charming zones of Seville. Let’s see why.


The Triana neighborhood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seville. What is surprising is that it has always preserved its essence despite being that old. Originally, it was a fairly humble neighborhood, home of many fishermen, although it has always been beautiful for its colors and for how the rays of sun are reflected on the river and on its buildings. Currently, however, this quarter is increasingly becoming more valued and, in fact, it has taken a long time for people to realize the value of such especial zone.

Historically speaking, Triana has been the cradle of many famous people from the world of art and from many different disciplines. It has given birth to painters, flamencos, bullfighters, dancers, artisans… We do not know if the water from its taps is different from the rest of the city, but in this neighbourhood art has always been in the air.

Even nowadays we can find a lot of artisan bussineses and other authentic and traditional elements like tiles.


As previously said, maybe Triana is not the most recommendable place if visitors want to see monuments. In this case, the interesting things to see are the ones that will approach us most to its culture and everyday life. As a recommendation, some of the places that every tourist should go are:

  • San Jorge castle. If you want to see also monuments, you should go there. It is an ancient construction, but with some expositions out of the ordinary. We are talking about the Saint Inquisition and its practices. Sometimes the history is not as beautiful as it seems, but it is not fair to know just the beautiful part.
  • Triana’s market. It is a must to see it. Here visitors will know the everyday life of the neighbourhood, the way in which people interact with each other and the wealth and the quality of its products to enjoy them in good company.
  • The river bank. The street Betis is the street next to the river bank and follows a beautiful path that let us see the beautiful and coloured houses next to the river. It is a very bright street and one of the most typical ones in Seville.


As we have previously said, this quarter is a very special place for sightseeing, because apart from doing the usual things you can do in any other place, here visitors can find a very interesting “plus”.

We do not recommend leaving Seville neither without enjoying, for example, the flamenco theater or flamenco in Baraka, nor without trying the chairs in many bars, you will know what I mean. It is a place with a lot of charming bars and it has very cool places to have some drinks.

Nor without a souvenir or some craftsmanship detail, because, in fact, this means going back home with a piece of history and its essence. Here everything is lived in a very intense way, both in everyday life and in celebrations or special dates such as the Holy Week, which is also experienced with a different energy.

Triana is waiting for you.

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