The Tablada barracks

What to see in seville

This Tablada Air Barracks is an emblematic place in Seville as it is a base with a very important historical importance, as it is part of the first four Spanish air bases; and in which important tasks are still carried out as it is part of the dependencies of the Air and Space Army. 

Encouraging the aeronautical spirit in young and old alike

The site, located in a historic field in Los Remedios that has seen Viking battles or was the encampment of King Ferdinand III during the conquest of Seville, also plays an important role in Seville’s tourism thanks to the fact that its leaders have contributed to a greater opening of this place to the public by teaching the culture and history of aeronautics and aviation.

At the historic Tablada Air Base there are cultural itineraries that allow visitors to learn about the rich aeronautical heritage and visit its Historical Hall, as well as other unique buildings that stand out on the site and which are of regionalist architecture from the early 20th century.

More than 100 years of history

This base is one of the most emblematic units of the Spanish Air Force and is a pioneer in Spanish military aviation. The first aeroplanes flew over this terrain in 1910. Specifically, on 28th March, a pilot nicknamed El Demonio Belga made his first flight in a Bleriot 11 aeroplane.

The first flight of Spanish commercial aviation took off from Tablada in 1921, inaugurating the air-postal line between Seville and Larache, with bags of official correspondence that were exchanged between the war fronts of the Tetuan and Larache sectors, as well as some passengers. The aircraft was a De havilland DH9C model that was named Sevilla. At that time the pilots flew without a radio or even a parachute, so they had to use their own skills to make the flight a success.

In 1923, the then King and Queen of Spain, Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia, officially inaugurated the Tablada Air Base. In 1928 it was extended with the creation of the Real Club Aéreo de Andalucía and the Tablada School of Pilots.

A turning point came at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War when it was used as the destination for the air bridge that transported the more than 13,000 legionaries and regulars that made up the troops on their movement from Africa to Seville. It also became an aircraft repair headquarters for the duration of the war.

A film set

In 1968, for several months, this Air Base was the setting for part of the film “The Battle of Britain”.

Now this stage is the location of the Teaching Directorate of the Air Force Personnel Command, the Mobile Air Control Group, and the Seville Air Training School. It also houses two sports and socio-cultural clubs, the Seville Pharmacy Centre, the Number 2 Transmissions Squadron and the Delegate Office of the Directorate of Infrastructure in Seville. 

How to visit the Tablada air base

Some of these and other parts of the facilities are visited in groups, some of which can be accessed from inside and others, for security reasons, only from the outside. The visit includes all kinds of explanations for about 2 hours that leave no visitor indifferent. 


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