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The Golden Tower o “Torre del Oro” in Seville is one of the most emblematic and well-known monuments in the city, mainly for the area in which it is located and for its history. Although many people see as a very “normal” construction compared to other things we can find in Seville, it is a very relevant tower, if we take into account the defense role it had in the past.

Many people wonder the reason why the tower is named like that, given that, as much as we look at the tower, we do not find gold anywhere. Well, for many years it has been said that the tower was covered with tiles of golden tones, making it seem a golden fortification. However, around 2005, during one of its numerous restorations, it was confirmed that the golden hue that the tower had were rays of sun reflected on the river, that combined with the materials with which the walls were made. 


This type of tower is known as a squill tower and its aim was to defend the city. If we go back to the time when it was used, the Golden Tower was connected with two more towers, which at the same time were connected with the fortress or “Alcázar”. These towers, together with the walls, were the ones that defended the city of Seville, being the Golden Tower the most important as it was located in the port area.

It is a 36-meter building combined by 3 bodies: the first of them (the biggest one) is a 12-sided polygon, having inside it the other two bodies. It consists of 4 floors, and one of them is a basement. The staircase that joins all the floors is hexagonal and reach its highest point in the last body, which is cylindrical and ends in a cupola that, this time, is golden.

According to several historians, the defensive function of the tower was quite good and it is the place where the Naval Museum is located, which has the same name as the tower. Despite that, it is also important to say that the Castilian fleet, at the time, managed to break the Sevillian barrier and because of that they included the gold tower with the broken chain in its shield.

This building has had different functions over the years. Firstly, it was the original defensive tower, later the chapel of San Isidoro and later it was a prison. Currently, it is the place where the Naval Museum was located. 


The location of this touristic place is another of its qualities. It is situated on the Guadalquivir River bank, an important area full of terraces and restaurants that let us enjoy the beautiful sights and the cheerful environment.

It is also near the Triana neighbourhood, few minutes by walking, that is another must for the visitors, as well as the Santa Cruz neighbourhood. You cannot go back home without visiting the Golden Tower and the beauty of everything around it, either in company or alone.

Its opening hours, in case you want to visit its interior, are 9.30 am to 6.45 pm from Monday to Friday and 10.30 am to 6.45 pm on Saturdays and Sundays; an schedule which let us easily add it to our plans, as it is a relatively short visit.

We invite you to visit the Golden Tower!

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