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Santa Cruz neighbourhood in Seville is one of the most iconic neighbourhoods, not only in Seville, but in the whole region of Andalusia. The years of history and the cultural and artistic wealth of its streets, make this neighbourhood a really interesting one. For this reason, thousand of tourists and Sevillians walk year after year through it without going to any particular place, just enjoying its streets, colours, monuments and histories. We always recommend making a free visit in Seville to know deeply the secrets of the neigbourhood.

It is a Jewish quarter that was ceded to this community before the reconquest of Fernando III. In the past, the quarter was outside the city walls but, despite that, they were allowed to install there. Currently, little remains of the life of that time, but its traces can be seen there, as it is one of the most important Jewish quarters in Spain, until the Catholic kings expelled them.

Let’s see the attractiveness of this neighbourhood.


Santa Cruz neighbourhood is one of these things why it is said that Seville has a special colour. The wide range of colours of its squares and streets, as well as the colour of the orange trees that can be seen all around the quarter, make it special. What’s more, visitors can find on it a lot of different shops and craft workshops that make it an incomparable landscape.

One of its most famous streets is “Calle del Agua”. This street is what was known as “adarve” in the past, a street limited on one side by buildings and on the other side by the city wall. It is full of good restaurants and shops of souvenirs to always remember the neighbourhood. 

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Another quality of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood is its excellent location. It is the perfect zone to enjoy a free visit in Seville. Although in the past it was located outside the city walls, currently it is the heart of Seville, as it is a central quarter from which you can go to any other important places.

What’s more, it is full of monuments and places to visit. For example, there you can find the Cathedral of Santa María de la Sede, the famous Royal fortress or the Archivo de Indias (being the last two a World Heritage Site). You can find there as well the Jardines de Murillo, a beautiful park that preserves its pure essence, where visitors can enjoy street art shows. Inside these gardens there are traces of the time of the Catholic Monarchs, for example, a monument of Christopher Columbus together with the kings’ shield and a big lion.


While some visiting areas have fewer possibilities for visitors in terms of accommodation and leisure, because they are further away or not very crowded, in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood there are a lot of options for tourists who are looking for accommodation. You can find flats, studios, rental houses or hotels. Furthermore, there are countless restaurants and bars to eat or have some drinks.

Santa Cruz is the best place to spend some days in Seville, because of its central location and the easiness to go to other places from here, as well as for finding accommodation and enjoy everyday life. We invite you to know Santa Cruz personally.

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