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Casa de Salinas: A valuable palace-house in the heart of Seville

An emblematic building that represents the city’s history

The so-called Casa de Salinas de Sevilla, at Calle Mateos Gago 39, in the heart of the Santa Cruz district, is what was once a palace-house built when Seville was one of the most important cities in the world in the 16th century, by the Jaén Roelas lineage family. Specifically, Baltasar de Jaén began the construction project in 1577.

At that time, Spanish ships arrived to the American continent and their return through the Port of Seville meant that all kinds of products passed through this city, some of great value, and many families became rich doing juicy business. Many fortunes came from the New World, which made certain families in the city into people who lived in houses that were on a par with royalty.

This may be the least known of Seville’s palace-houses, but it is as beautiful as the Casa de Dueñas or the Casa de Pilatos, and is well worth a visit.

A journey through time

With so much prosperity there were families who managed to enrich themselves to very high levels, and it was these families who ordered the construction of palace-houses which today are a representation of the golden age of Seville, in which there was a lower class but also an upper class with homes worthy of high lineage and spectacular gardens. And not only were fabulous houses built, but magnificent churches and monasteries full of valuable art were also erected during this period.

In the 19th century, when the Jaén lineage died out, it was sold to Eduardo Ybarra after a period in which it was put to various uses (it was even a Masonic lodge), and it was he who added the admirable Roman mosaic of Bacchus, which comes from the city of Italica and dates from the 2nd century A.D. 

Ybarra also rescued a marble sculpture of the Virgin from the convent of Los Remedios, which is of great value. And he decorated the house with ceramic tiles from the Triana neighbourhood, which are the most prized in the whole country, as well as adding some marvellous stained glass windows that make this house-palace the envy of many people.

An inhabited palace much appreciated by tourists

In the 20th century, the family of Manuel Salinas bought this place, which they still own, with the difference that nowadays it can be visited as long as it is not closed to the public for an event.

Many important people have left their mark on this place, which is an authentic marvel of Sevillian architecture and forms part of the route through the palace-houses of Seville. And this despite the fact that it is an inhabited house, which makes it even more valuable because its decoration is not artificial and it is not simply there to be photographed, but it is a real home.

Exceptional surroundings

The facade is simple, but once you cross the entrance, the first thing that strikes you is the luxurious courtyard built in double height and with marble columns forming semicircular arches decorated with 16th century plasterwork. Already on these walls you can see some of those spectacular tiles famous in the Triana quarter. And in the second courtyard is the famous 2nd century A.D. mosaic dedicated to Bacchus.

The overall value of the house is incalculable, both historically and artistically.

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