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The lookout of “Las Setas” in Seville is one of the most characteristic constructions. Although at first many people thought that it broke with the aesthetics of the rest of the city and the monuments in nearby areas, the truth is that it immediately had a big recognition and a lot of people go to visit it every day.

It is located in the square of La Encarnación since 2011 and let the tourist enjoy incomparable views of the city. Its structure, made of wood and concrete, follows a path that allows a 360º view of the city from above. From it you can see practically all the main buildings and monuments of Seville and, honestly, even though it is an hour when there are more people, we recommend to go up at sunset time, when the light of the sun in the golden hour cover all the rooftops and the streets of Seville. It does not matter whether you go in couple, with friends or even alone, you will experience a magical moment.

In fact, the views of the city are so good that many people choose a place to have dinner or go for a drink when they are seeing how beautiful it is from above.

The schedule is divided between winter and summer time. The winter time includes the months of November to March, from 9.30 am to 00.00 pm every day of the week, and the summer time includes the rest of the months, from 9:30 to 00:30, every day as well. The lookout offer a fairly flexible schedule that make it easier for tourist to visit it when they prefer. 

The rates are very varied. Sometimes, there are tickets that include several experiences, including the lookout in it; but the particular prices of the lookout are:

  • General rate 5€
  • General Sunset 8€ (half an hour before the sunset, although it is recommendable to get informed about it, as usually there are special offers)
  • Free entrance (for Sevillians, children under the age of 5 and disabled +75% plus companion)
  • Reduced rate 4€ (for disabled +33%, big families and groups of more than 20 people)

Up in the lookout, there is also a bar in case we want to have a drink while contemplating the views. It is a very good place to stop for a coffee or a beer, because, without a doubt, the image of the city and the lively environment, make it one of the best places in Seville.

The location is another quality of “Las Setas”, as it is located in the center of the city. The area is full of bars, restaurants and several monuments and places to visit, which makes it easy to include the lookout in the rest of our plans. It is also easily accessible for people coming from more distant areas in the city, as it is very close to metro and bus stops. Without a doubt, “Las Setas” are a must if you go to Seville, especially if it is your first time. 

Do you want to buy tickets for Monumental Free Tour of Seville


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