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Church of Santa Ana, the most beautiful church in Triana

Located in the epicentre of this mythical Sevillian quarter


The origins of the mythical Triana quarter date back to Roman times, later it was characterised as a neighbourhood of artisans and even then it was an important part of the city, but today it has its own arguments. From here have come bullfighters, singers, dancers and the most laureates of Sevillian artistic society. The Triana neighbourhood is different, its delicate streets ooze tradition in abundance and its corralones are a must-see.


One of these visits is the Church of Santa Ana, which has a singular origin, as it is a Gothic-Mudejar style church built in the 13th century by order of King Alfonso X as thanksgiving for the cure of an eye disease in 1280, making it the oldest Christian temple in Seville. It has a characteristic dark, cool interior with thick walls, as befits the churches of that period, in which light enters through the colours of the windows. The Lisbon earthquake of 1755, which was strongly felt in the city, caused this church to be badly damaged, so that part of it had to be rebuilt, although to do so the remains of the Gothic style that could not be repaired had to be sacrificed.


It preserves spectacular domes, baroque altarpieces that are a feast for the eyes, the impressive main altar from which the Virgin Mary, Saint Anne and Jesus, figures as old as the church and by an unknown sculptor, look down on us, and a truly beautiful choir too.


Churches with history

On a free tour Legends of the Jewish Quarter you can learn these and other stories about the church, considered the most beautiful in the Triana neighbourhood, and which is nestled among the houses of the neighbourhood. You must see its famous Capilla de los Marineros, with the impressive figure of the Esperanza de Triana and also the image of the Señor de las Tres Caídas, which comes out in the Sevillian madrugá (the night of Thursday to Friday of Holy Week). In fact, during Holy Week all the brotherhoods now make what is called “the penitential station” in Seville Cathedral, but until the mid-19th century the brotherhoods of the Triana neighbourhood made this stop in this church.


A building that has been pampered and honoured

It is truly spectacular to see the image of the Esperanza de Triana presiding over the chancel of the Capilla de los Marineros, located on one side of the church. Many devotees come to fill this place with prayers, offerings and thanks to the Virgin and a lot of emotion. This place is considered “the cathedral of Triana”. Inside there are pieces of incalculable value, such as the painting boards of the main altar.


This area is well worth seeing on a walking tour. Nearby is a small square that vies to be among the most beautiful in Seville: the Plazuela de Santa Ana, a small corner with houses with green and reddish roofs where it is worth stopping for tapas and a beer in one of its bars or simply to watch the passers-by. Looking up you can see the church tower.  


The church of Santa Ana is definitely a must-see and to get the most out of it, it is best to book a tour with a guide such as the Free Tour Legends of the Jewish Quarter.

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